About Us

Communication Systems Provider

Orion Systems Inc is a communication systems company in the USA that has been responding to the radio and telecommunication needs of clients around the globe since 1976. Clients call on us for the design and customization of call distribution gateways and high quality voice communication systems that are used on space vehicles, in tactical military operations, by air traffic control towers, in public safety command and control centers just to name a few applications. In the past 20 years, we have been supplying digital voice conference systems and RoIP systems for many commercial clients as well.

You will find that all of our engineers and leadership team are highly experienced trendsetters in the space of digital radio communications and are always forward thinking when it comes to unified communications. We are experts in the field of secure communications switching and red/black encryption technologies. Several of our clients are large communications contractors that sub contract the Radio over IP console work to us because of our flexibility and reliability. We take client confidentiality VERY seriously and have earned their trust as a valued supplier. We look forward to earning your trust as well.

Orion Radio Over IP Systems

Our Radio over IP interface helps you connect voice calls with your DMR radios (Digital Mobile Radios) in the field. Through our IP radio console, you can interconnect 4-400 or more digital two way radios from a desktop PC workstation or a mobile command center. We use open source platforms that help us integrate our systems into most existing communication systems. Get instant and reliable connections to your analog and digital two-way radios wherever they are when times are good. And when crisis hits, our RoIP systems stay connected.