Orion Systems, Inc.
Orion Systems is a leading provider for Voice Communications in Command and Control Centers


The MT32 Voice Communication System (VCS) is designed to meet the demands of mission critical digital voice communications and Intercom requirements. The MT32 system consists of a modular and expandable 1 rack unit Voice Switch with various types of End Instruments /Operator Positions and multiple communication interface options (VoIP, Radio over IP, T1, E1, Fiber Optic, 4-Wire E&M, 2-Wire FX0/FXS, & COMEC).

The Orion Systems MT32 VCS provides 100% non-blocking access to radio channels, interphone land lines, and multi-line user talk/listen End Instruments. The End Instruments /Operator Positions also include unlimited circuit monitor capability and multi-talk functionality. The communications services consist of Conference Networks (CN), Direct Lines (DL), Intercommunication (Intercom), and Telephone Operations, to name a few.

The MT32 VCS uses a modular design approach. The main chassis accepts up to four plug in modules. Each plug in module supports eight interfaces. A single MT32 chassis supports 32 interfaces (4 plug in modules x 8 ports each). For large Voice Switch networks multiple MT32 chassis’s can be stacked to support hundreds of interfaces.

Figure 1 illustrates the basic shelf building block of a single MT32 unit.

MT32 Front View

Front View

MT32 Rear View

Rear View

End Instruments /Operator Positions:

A large variety of End Instruments /Operator Positions are available for the MT32 Voice Communication System. End Instrument types consist of Color Touch Screen, Pushbutton, Desktop and Rack Mount units. End Instrument packaging options are Office environment, Industrial and Hazardous. Interface options include T1, VoIP, Fiber, and ISDN-U.

End Instruments

Communication Interfaces:

The MT32 VCS has T1 and VoIP / Radio over IP interfaces which plug directly into the front of the MT-32 chassis. Other interfaces such as Fiber Optic, ISDN, 4-Wire E&M, 2-Wire FXO/FXS and COMSEC are housed in separate 1 rack unit shelves These ancillary shelves are interconnected with the MT32 voice switch to create a switch fabric comprised of multiple interfaces equipped to meet various customer requirements.

MT32 - Size / Weight/ Power:

Size: 19 inch rack mount: 1.75” high x 19” inches wide x 12” deep;
Weight: 10lbs fully loaded
Operating Temperature: 0ºC to 50ºC (32ºF to 122ºF)
Input Voltage Options: 100 to 250 VAC, 24VDC, or 48VDC;
Power Consumption: 60W maximum