Radio Dispatch Consoles

Dispatch Consoles for Complex Situations

Our two way radio dispatch systems can be used for complex 911 command centers, managing a fleet of trucks for a utility company, a network of buses for a school district, outfitting a municipal public safety dispatch center or for a simple taxi dispatching system that requires a radio over IP interface. Our radio dispatch software is flexible and customizable, placing the information your dispatchers need right at their fingertips. We can combine radio, telephony, data transfers with I/O controls, VoIP and your computer aided dispatch can be controlled in one single system.

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IP Technology is Cost Effective

All our dispatch center consoles support IP Technology, replacing expensive leased lines with inexpensive IP connections. This also allows your radio dispatchers the flexibility to operate remotely rather than maintaining a large control center. Get a high-quality IP radio dispatch system that reduces expenses. Orion’s dispatch consoles will help you see a greater return on your investment much sooner.

Digital Dispatch Systems That Are Reliable & Scalable

Often our clients are involved with mission critical communications that must connect in all environments. The highest amount of reliability is a must. We build dispatch systems that are field tested, easy to use and can grow with your organization. We can start you with one or two consoles connected with a single LAN configuration and help you branch out to a geographically distributed Wide Area Network when your needs demand expansion.

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