Orion Systems, Inc.
Orion Systems is a leading provider for Voice Communications in Command and Control Centers

Radio Control System – VoIP /RoIP

The Orion Systems Radio Control System (RCS-4-IP) interconnects multiple 4-Wire E&M radios to operator consoles using Voice over IP (VoIP) / Radio over IP (RoIP) transport. The basic building block of the Radio Control System is an Orion Systems RCS-4-IP device. The RCS-4-IP device is equipped with four 4-Wire E&M Radio interfaces, one Telco (2-wire) interface, and supports up to 4 operator consoles. Each operator console has independent non-blocking Tx/Rx radio communication. The RCS-4-IP system is capable of transmitting and receiving audio simultaneously on all radio nets and also includes two local intercom nets for operator console to operator console communication.

Each radio interface consists of 600 Ω balanced analog transmit and receive audio pair. Radio keying options include solid state contact closure (E&M) or EIA Tone keying. Radio control can be accomplished via optional RS232 interfaces, parallel interfaces, or opto coupled interfaces.

An operator console controls the RCS-4-IP system using a standard computer and mouse or a touch screen computer. The Orion Systems applet displays all the interfaces of the RCS-4-IP system. Each interface displayed has the following Talk/Listen options - Transceive, Monitor only, or Mute. Each interface includes per circuit volume, audio present, and circuit ID. The RCS-4-IP system also supports interoperability by allowing an operator to initiate Radio-to-Radio or Radio-to-Telephone patch. Patch selections automatically initiate VOX keying.

Multiple RCS-4-IP devices can be interconnected to control up to 12 radios, 12 operators, and 3 Telephones.


  • Interfaces: Radio = 4/ Intercom = 2 / Telephone = 1
  • Operators = 4
  • Radio Interface: 600 Ohm Balanced pair
  • Radio keying = Solid state contact closure or EIA Tones
  • Levels = 0 Db In/Out
  • Speaker output jack
  • Record output jack
  • Computer - Touch Screen or Keyboard / Mouse
    • Voice over IP / Radio over IP
    • Headset - USB
    • Footswitch - USB
  • Options:
    • 2-Wire FXO interface with Patch
    • RS232 interfaces = 4
    • Parallel interfaces = 4
    • Opto coupled interfaces (5 per radio)
    • Radio Control
  • Chassis size = 9.00"w x 8.00"d x 1 rack unit (1.718")
  • Chassis Mounting Options - Desktop, Rack Mount, Jack box
  • Power: 100 to 250 VAC, 25 Watts
  • Orion Applet
    • Total Circuit Keys = 7
      • Radio Keys = 4
      • Shoutdown / Local Intercom Net = 2
      • Telco = 1
    • Patch
      • Radio-to-Radio Patch
      • Radio-to-Telephone Patch
      • Patch quantity = 2
      • VOX Keying
    • Per Circuit Selection
      • Talk/Listen - unlimited
      • Monitor - unlimited
      • Mute - unlimited
    • Per Circuit Key
      • Volume
      • Audio Present Indication
      • Circuit Identifier
    • Volume control
      • Per Circuit Key
      • USB Headset

Expansion Examples