Multi-Channel MIC- 4 Channel (MC-4)

Desktop Microphone with Gooseneck Design – Multi Channel

The Orion Systems Multi-Channel desktop MIC (MC-4) interconnects with Console Operators, Radios, SIP phones, and other communication devices over Ethernet utilizing Voice over IP (VoIP) and Radio over IP (RoIP) protocols.

The MC-4 can be placed on a desktop or it comes with optional brackets for mounting into a 19″ equipment rack.  This flexible desktop microphone is our MC-4 model and can be installed in a standard office environment, mission control room, and can be configured for rugged environment to protect against vibrations and wide range temperatures used for mobile/outside command.

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Minimum Feature Set:

  •  4 individual channel settable to Select (talk), Un-select (monitor) or mute
  • Any combination of channels can be simul-selected for transmit
  • Receive audio can be directed to headset or speaker or both with independent volume controls for headset and speaker
  • Support for PJ7/LEMO headsets
  • Audio present indicator on individual channels regardless of state (mute or monitor with volume down)
  • Support 4-wire, E&M, 2-wire, EIA tone control plus 2300Hz control
  • Support for record out via IP
  • Support for footswitch and external speaker
  • Removable desktop mic – for when headsets are used exclusively
  • Ancillary control for radio control, door status and control
  • PTT button on desktop unit
  • Radio to Radio Patch
  • Radio to SIP Patch
  • Metal case with high quality switches.

Optional Equipment Available:

  • A USB headset/handset jackbox allows two operators to share a single MC-4. The jackbox has field configurable gain settings to match a dynamic, electret, or carbon / carbon equivalent microphones. A volume pot is provided for each headset/handset interface. The headset/handset interfaces can be set to operate as supervisor/trainee or equal capability.
  • Optional radio control commands such as change of frequency, band, power, and squelch can be performed via for GRC171, URC200, PRC117F, PRC117G, PRC148,and, CMD300/350 radios.

The RDU4 front panel consist of:

  • (4) Circuit Key/Display that is comprised of (4) LCD Circuit Select pushbuttons. The LCD is backlit with various colors to convey circuit signaling information associated with  Radio Monitor, Talk Listen, and Mute. The Circuit Select pushbutton includes an integral alphanumeric LCD which can display up to 24 alphanumeric characters.
  • (4) individual volume control adjustments of selected circuits for headsets or speaker receive audio
  • (4) individual audio indicator LEDS
  • (1) Internal speaker for Monitor and T/L selected circuits
  • (1) PTT LED display for active PTT

The RDU4 rear panel consist of:

  • (2) USB connectors for headset/MIC/jackbox interface
  • (1) RJ45 connector for Ethernet interface
  • (1) Stereo jack for external speaker
  • (1) DB9 female connector for footswitch interface
  • (1) 12-24VDC power (2.1mm) connector

Technical Specifications:

(4) Channels
Radio interface

Call Types:


Mode of Operation:

Talk Listen (T/L)
Radio to Radio Patch


SIP Radio Conferencing
SIP Private Line (Point to Point/Ringdown)
Group Calls/point to point intercom
Push to Talk Broadcast

User Interfaces:

USB Headsets w/PTT
USB Desktop MIC w/PTT
DB9 Footswitch
USB Dual PJ7/LEMO jackbox


Web Browser with password sign in

Network Requirements:

10/100 Base T (Full Duplex)
Protocols- SIP, UDP, DHCP, DNS, Syslog, NTP, SSH, TCP

Codec Interfaces:

G.711 a/u-law 80 kbit
G.729 20 kbit
Speex 4-15 kbit


12 to 24 V dc source via a female (2.1mm) connector or a 110 to 240V ac (85 to 240 V ac) @ 47 to 66 Hz. @ approx. 20 Watts via the external desktop-type power supply (OS37-3059-A1)


Temperature: operating 0 to + 50C / non-operating -20° to + 70°C,
Humidity: 10% to 90% non-condensing, operating


The unit is a fully enclosed chassis designed for either wall, shelf, desktop, or 19-inch ANSI/EIA 310 rack-mounting (requires factory optional brackets); 1-3/4 inches high by 6-1/2 inches wide by 8-inches deep.

Weight approx. 2-1/2 lbs

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