Communication Interoperability – What Is It?

Interoperability is the ability for key public safety personnel to communicate with one another in real time, over different communication systems. Interoperability creates voice and data links that support effective tactical incident and strategic emergency management activities. Interoperability assures a continuity of operations and government functions during emergencies and catastrophic events.

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Orion Systems Interoperability Solution

Orion Systems MT-32 audio matrix is a cross-connect digital switch capable of linking dissimilar communication systems. The MT-32 audio matrix switch passes base band audio/data signals between different radio types (UHF or VHF) or within the same radio type when radios are tuned to different frequencies. The MT-32 audio matrix is also capable of connecting audio/data between radios, telephones/cellular phones and central dispatch.

The MT-32 audio matrix can be used as a radio dispatch system or as a gateway switch device that requires no supervision once it is configured. The MT-32 matrix switch can be configured either as a fixed base unit or for use on a mobile platform in a van, sports utility vehicle or command vehicle.

The MT-32 audio matrix provides cross-connect operation between agencies such as FEMA, Red Cross, the National Guard, local emergency management, law enforcement, fire departments, and emergency medical services, as well as other public service agencies.

The MT-32 audio matrix is a 1 rack unit device that uses a modular building block design approach. The MT-32 chassis accepts up to four plug in modules. Available plug in modules are 4-Wire E&M (8 Ports), 2-Wire FXO/FXS (8 Ports), T1 (8 Ports), and Voice/Radio over IP (8 Ports). A typical configuration example would be two 4-Wire Modules, one 2-Wire Module, and a single T1 module. The above example supports 16 radios, 8 telcos, and 8 T1 tie trunks.

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