Red Black Channel MUX

Encrypted VoIP for Radios with our MUX

The Orion Systems Red/Black Channel Mux supports up to 24 radio interfaces and routes secure (cipher) and non-secure (plain) audio and radio status (cipher select, mode indicate, and cipher detect) to COMSEC devices such as the KY58/100, KYV5, & PRC117G radios. The operational mode of each interface is independently selectable with an acknowledgement of mode indicate (plain/cipher) and cipher detect.

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Secure Mobile Communications & Data Packets

The Red/Black Channel Multiplex is an electronics chassis comprised of a red chamber, black chamber, separate red and black power supplies, and 24 individual radio interface modules. Each radio interface module is housed in a self contained enclosure designed to exceed the -100dB of isolation across adjoining radio interfaces.

Each radio interface module contains lock-out circuitry which directs radio audio to either the red or black side of the Channel Multiplex but never both simultaneously.

Separate red and black maintenance ports are provided which are used for setup, configuration, and the ability to directly read the radio status information. Setup and configuration such as gain/attenuation level settings for Tx and Rx are adjusted and stored within each radio interface module.

The Red/Black Channel Mux Capabilities:

  • Tempest Certified
  • Adheres to NSTISSAM Tempest 2-95
  • Plain/Cipher Select with Status of Mode Indicate & Cipher Detect
  • Fiber Optic Interfaces
  • PRC-117G Radio Control
  • 24 Individual Radio Interfaces

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