Aviation headsets are expensive, and your pilots Connect Aviation Headsets to Computer Jacksand dispatcher personnel get accustomed to the headsets they wear. As you know, fixed wing headsets use certain cables and connectors and Helicopter pilots have different gear. Everything is fine when everyone is in their assigned cockpit, but it is not uncommon to have 2 or 3 different headset connectors during training sessions. You know and I know your pilots don’t want to wear anyone else’ gear on their ears so Orion Systems has a solution.

Connect Aviation Headsets to Computers with a Jackbox

Our USB Jackbox can be configured for multiple types of headset connectors or just a supervisor/trainee setup using a common headset. We have been outfitting military and commercial aviation operations with all types of radio hardware and software solutions since 1976 and we have seen our share of flight control centers, cockpits and mission critical radio applications. Some day they will standardize the equipment jacks but until that happens, we will continue to customize your radio accessories to fit your needs in the training center so your team can use their own gear on their heads.

Recently, Tinker Airforce Base in Oklahoma needed to solve Radio Jackbox Customizedthis issue and asked us to configure 125 USB Jackboxes for PJ-7 connectors. We have also supplied jackboxes for the dispatchers and control room personnel who generally use the Lemo 6 pin circular connectors. These two types of connectors seem to be the most commonly requested conversions we encounter with USAF flight training centers. All these folks need to plug into a standard USB port on individual PC stations to run various computer based training modules.

The supervisor/trainee configuration allows the supervisor to override the trainee’s voice whenever the supervisor has their PTT depressed. The front of the unit contains two headset interfaces (PJ7 or Lemo), two volume adjustments (1 per headset). The rear of the unit contains a USB interface to connect to the PC that is running the training software as well as a connector for a footswitch, a record out interface (records all audio passing through the jackbox), a speaker out interface (sends only receive audio to amplified speaker) and a +5vDC input connector.

USB Jackboxes Customized for Your Needs

Different aircraft, different cabling and connectors. Convert PJ7 to USB for Training We just need the details of what you are trying to accomplish. If you don’t know, send us a picture of the headset plug and / or the aircraft type, brand name and model numbers of the headsets being used by your team. This year we outfitted the FAA with 80 USB Jackboxes for one of their training centers that had Helicopter pilots and dispatchers in the training room at the same time. So their needs were completely different than what we provided Tinker AFB. Our more common USB Jackboxes facilitate connections for:

  • Lemo – 6 Pin connectors used by fixed wing pilots
  • PJ-7 connectors used by dispatchers
  • Helicopter headsets with a single male connector
  • Most Military aviation headsets made by Bose, David Clark & Faro

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