Radio Dispatch Operations

Products Overview

FO Radio Dispatch System

Our fiber optic voice switch can be customized for secure and nonencrypted environments. Operator consoles allows your dispatchers to easily connect radio communications with cellular, digital voice and data calls. Each MT-16 contains 2 fiber optic plug-in modules, supporting 8 fiber interfaces. More info here>>

T1/E1 Radio Dispatch System

Our MT32 has one of the industry’s highest port densities available in a 1 rack unit. This modular device is built to handle Telco interfaces (T1, E1, Fiber Optic, ISDN-U, 4-Wire/2-Wire) and Voice over IP (VoIP). And is stackable for your increasing needs. More info here>>

IP Radio Dispatch System

Interconnect your console operators with radios, telephones and other console operators over Ethernet using VoIP and RoIP. This windows based system can be setup on desktop environments or be mobilized using tablets or laptops. More info here>>

Radio Dispatch Consoles

Our two-way radio dispatch system can be used for complex command centers, managing a fleet of utility trucks or outfitting a municipal public safety dispatch center. It can combine radio, telephony, data transfers with I/O controls and VoIP. More info here>>

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