When someone goes to school, his or her well-being is mostly taken for granted. Radio over IP for SchoolsBut events like the ones at Columbine, Parkland, Florida or Sandy Hook in Connecticut, are grim reminders how quickly things could go south. There have been more than 24 school shootings all over the United States in the 2016-17 school year alone, and more than that in the first half of 2018. Whether it is a renegade student or any other kind of threat, school authorities today, have to be more vigilant than ever before.

These new challenges have added to the burden of responsibility on school authorities. School administrators, teachers, security and maintenance teams now need to keep an eye out for “Out of the norm” behavior in kids. Staff training on evacuation techniques when a crisis arises are mandatory in today’s environment. A key element to the training is how to communicate with local law enforcement. In case of an emergency, they need to be aware of the communication tools like radio over IP for schools and protocol that could be the difference between life and death. Real time information can minimize tragedy and perhaps save some lives.

Efficient Communications: The Key Differentiator

School campuses are constantly trying to cope with maintaining an efficient flow of information. Establishing communication channels between key school personnel and school administration is a vital piece of that information flow. The telecommunications space is constantly evolving and the costs to upgrade phone services poses a serious challenge to schools that don’t have unlimited budgets and older technology.

Connecting Schools With Police Via Radios Can Help

In moments of crisis, technology shouldn’t become a hindrance; rather it should help to unify communication modes. One thing that was learned in recent years is that there needs to be a direct connection between a communication liaison at the school level and local law enforcement via two-way radio frequencies. These radio frequencies should be unencumbered by the high volume of voice traffic that is sure to happen over local cell towers and the school’s traditional phone systems.

Digital mobile radio’s (DMR) and Cloud based PTT capabilities are some options that can be used to enhance school-based communications with local law enforcement. Orion Systems can be the piece of the communication puzzle that ensures all cross connects between DMR frequencies, essential VoIP communications and key personnel using cellular devices stay connected.

Radio over IP for Schools Can Help

Radio over IP is an inclusive technology that can be implemented without having to invest in rebuilding your communication system and can effortlessly interface with existing local area networks or wide area networks already in place. Depending on your specific requirements, we can set up a handshake between 4 wire E&M interfaces, FXO ports and also be able to communicate with VoIP devices with the aid of our configured IP consoles that are customized for your situation.

Our radio over IP consoles have an easy-to-use GUI interface that can be installed on windows based PC’s, tablets and laptops. Our radio control systems can convert older analog devices with a RoIP network if upgrading hardware is not yet realistic. Once we know the specifics of your situation, we can help any school establish that all important connection with local law enforcement authorities when required.

Schools Connect Direct With Police

With the increasing need to keep lives safe without extensive investment in infrastructure, RoIP based equipment is the perfect answer. Schools can keep using equipment they already own like two-way radios and older cell phones to communicate with each other, as well as reach out to first responders and key emergency personnel that are outside of the school network. In addition to “always on” voice communications, your schools can use RoIP devices for gps tracking, data sharing, video calls and even group conferencing.

The technological advantages of implementing a RoIP network for your school system can help keep both students, teachers and first responders lives safe, combined with low implementation and maintenance costs makes this investment well worth your consideration. Contact us today to get started on a solution that works best for your school system.