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IP Console

Interconnect Console Operators with radios, telephones, and other console operators over Ethernet. By using Voice over IP (VoIP) and Radio over IP (RoIP) protocols, our IP consoles keeps your team connected. More info here>>

IP Radio System Combines VoIP with RoIP

Combine Voice over IP with Radio over IP communications with our RCS-4-IP device. Each device is equipped with 4-wire E&M Radio interfaces, one Telco interface and supports up to 4 operator consoles. Multiple RCS-4-IP devices can be interconnected to control up to 12 radios, 12 operators, and 3 Telephones. More info here>>

Radio over IP (1 port)

Our RoIP1 unit is capable of interconnecting far end equipment to its analog audio interface using SIP, Multicast, or Unicast. A pair of RoIP1 units form a transparent digital point-to-point VoIP/RoIP link. When you need to be more nimble with smaller equipment, The RIP 1 is the perfect choice. More info here>>

Radio over IP (4 port & 8 port)

These RoIP units are equipped with either four or eight 4-Wire E&M Radio interfaces. These more complex units are often coupled with our IP Consoles or voice conference switches. These units are capable of transmitting and receiving audio on all the radio and telephone interfaces simultaneously. More info here>>

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