Touch System Entry Devices

The Orion Systems Touch Entry Device interconnects Console Operators with radios, telephones, and other operators using a touch system for data entry. The Touch Entry Device connects to an Orion Voice Conference Switch (VCS) via optional T1, E1, VoIP, or Fiber Optic interfaces. Interface options are defined at time of order.

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Touch Entry Device Capabilities

  • Interface Options: T1, E1, VoIP, ISDN, Fiber Optic
  • T1 Setup—Supports both short & long haul
  • EF / ESF AMI / B8ZS
  • Headset Interface Qty = 4, 2 Front, 2 Rear
  • Integrated Speaker – Front
  • Ext Speaker Interface – Rear
  • Footswitch interface
  • Mounting – Desktop or Rack
The Touch Entry Device is comprised of a electronics chassis and a color touch screen monitor. The electronics chassis is 1 rack unit high and includes 2 front facing headset jacks, 2 additional rear facing headset jacks. Also included is an integrated front facing speaker, rear access external speaker interface, and a rear mounted footswitch connector. The electronics chassis and touch screen monitor can be either rack mounted or desk mounted. The 2 front facing headset interfaces can be set to operate as supervisor/trainee or equal capability.

The Touch Entry Devices graphical user interface features include Per Circuit Volume, Patch, Audio Present, Headset Volume selections, Multi-Monitor, Multi-Talk (optional), and a Per Circuit Label.

Size / Power:

Size: 1.75” high x 9” inches wide x 8” deep

Chassis Mounting Options: Desktop or Rack

Display Mounting Options: Desktop, Rack, or Articulating Arm

Input Voltage: 100 to 250 VAC / 50—65 Hz; external supply

Power Consumption: 90W maximum

Temperature & Humidity

Operating Temperature: 0ºC to 40ºC (32ºF to 104ºF)

Storage Temperature: -10ºC to 60ºC (14ºF to 140ºF)

Operating Humidity: 10%-90% Noncondensing

Storage Humidity: 5%-95% Noncondensing


Mean Time Between Failures— 50,000 hours

Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) < 0.5 hour.

Headset Interfaces

Filtered band of 300Hz to 3,300Hz, ≥ +/-2dB;

Signal to Noise (S/N) ratio >50dB;

Distortion <2%

Channel cross talk <50dB



Warranty: 1 year

Weight: Chassis = 5lbs / Monitor = 10lbs


RoHS compliant

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