USB Jackbox

The USB Headset Jackbox unit adds dual headset capability to a Windows 7 or Linux based host computer. The USB Headset Jackbox appears as a sound card on the host computer.

The USB Headset Jackbox allows a standard PC to be utilized as a Dispatch Console and can be paired with Orion Dispatch Con-sole software or third party software. Standard sound card drivers exist for both Microsoft Windows 7 and Linux.

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Lemo – Front

PJ7 – Front


USB Headset Jackbox Highlights

  • Headset connector – PJ7 or Lemo
  • Headsets = 2
  • Operation = Shared or Supervisor/Trainee with override
  • PTT indication
  • Microphone type = electret, dynamic, or carbon equivalent
  • Volume adjustment pot per headset
  • Footswitch
  • Under desk mounting

Temperature: 0 to 50 degrees C. (32° F to 122°F)
Humidity: 10 % to 95% without condensation

Headset operation can be set for either shared access or supervisor/trainee. Shared access allows two operators to simultaneously access their own microphone, ear, and PTT. The supervisor/trainee configuration allows the supervisor to override the trainee’s voice whenever the supervisor has their PTT depressed.

The front of the unit contains two headset interfaces (PJ7 or Lemo), two volume adjustments (1 per headset), and a per headset PTT LED, and a power LED. The rear of the unit contains a USB interface, footswitch connector, record out interface, and a +5vDC input connector. The +5VDC input is only required for older PCs using USB 1.0 which are unable to power the jackbox.

The USB Headset Jackbox can be ordered with dual PJ7 headset connectors or dual Lemo headset connectors.

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