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IP Radio Switching Systems

Need a full featured IP Radio systems to connect your radio hardware to the rest of the world? Orion systems will customize a Radio over IP console for your organization. More info here>>

Fiber Optic Conference Switch – Red/Black Communications MT16

You determine the IP security for encrypting your IP voice packets, we handle the Red/Black switching consoles. Our Fiber Optic Voice Conference Switch (MT 16) supports up to 16 fiber optic interfaces. We are your experts in programming your dispatch consoles for secure voice communications. More info here>>

T1/E1 Voice Switch – TDM Voice Conference Switch MT32

This Voice Conference Switch has one of the highest port densities in a single rack unit. Built to handle traditional trunk interfaces, digital telephony, voice over IP and of course all radio interfaces. Capable of supporting hundreds of dispatch consoles in a stacked configuration. More info here>>

VCS Consoles

Our Touch Entry Device interconnects Console Operators with radios, telephones, and other operators. We connect your Voice Conference Switch (VCS) via optional T1, E1, VoIP, or Fiber Optic interfaces. Our engineers will help you customize a solution that works best for your operation. More info here>>


Our MT-32 audio matrix is a cross-connect digital switch capable of linking many dissimilar communication systems. Our equipment is capable of connecting audio/data between radios, telephones/cellular phones and central dispatch. Your communication needs dictate how we configure your new equipment. More info here>>

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