IP Voice Conference Switch

IP Based Radio Interoperability

Radio interoperability with all voice and data devices is where Orion Systems excels. Often clients have a specific challenge they ask us to tackle for them such as connecting LMR radios with incoming VoIP calls or connecting older model UHF radios with Voice over IP calls from outside lines.

Our radio bridging device can be programed for whatever your challenge is…and then some.

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Our full featured operator consoles can be customized to fit many different applications.

Perhaps you have a fleet of small ships and you wish to connect VHF radios with Voice over IP for improved ship to shore communications…we can do that. Our IP radio system can even interconnect HF radios being used in remote long range operations if there is a Wide Area Network we can tap into.

Unlike a typical PBX Console used in commercial applications, our IP Radio Consoles are programed for your specific application while the hardware is comprised of typical PC’s, Tablets, and Laptops which we acquire through our partners. Options like being sunlight readable, durability for wide temperature ranges and rugged environment are available upon request. If you prefer using your own preferred hardware brands, no problem. We will work with your supplied equipment.

Radio Control System Block Diagram


The block diagram provided above illustrates the Radio Control Systems major components. The major components consist of the following:

  • Communication Server
  • IP Console
  • Radio over IP device – 1 Port and 8 Port units
  • Digital Radio Interface – ED137 / DMR AIS
  • Various Gateways and IP Phones

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