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Need Separation of encrypted digital radio packets and secure voice calls sent over IPsec protocols? Using your radio encryption terminals, Orion can help your teams transition from non-secure to highly secure communication systems with our KYoIP switch. More info here>>

Red Black Channel MUX

Our Red/Black Channel Mux supports up to 24 radio interfaces and routes secure (cipher) and non-secure (plain) audio and radio status (cipher select, mode indicate, and cipher detect) to COMSEC devices such as the KY58/100, KYV5, & PRC117G radios. More info here>>

Encrypted Radio Access Switch

Our Red /Black Radio Access System routes secure and non-secure audio along with command and control radio status commands to multiple COMSEC devices. A Console Operator selects the operational mode (plain / cipher) of each radio type. Encrypted radio solutions customized for your team. More info here>>

Red Black T1/E1 Voice Switch

Lock down your secure audio transmissions regardless of where the transmission originates. The Orion T1/E1 voice switch can be customized to your Red/Black communication environment including traditional Telco, Fiber networks and IPSec transmissions. More info here>>

Red Black IP Voice Switch

The Orion Systems Red/Black IP Voice Switch System simultaneously routes secure and non-secure audio to multiple Red/Black Consoles, radios, and telephones as selected by the Red/Black Console operator. More info here>>

Red/Black Console

Each Red/Black Operator Console is comprised of an electronics chassis and a touch screen PC. The operator GUI interface runs on a Windows PC and can easily be locked down to meet IA requirements. More info here>>


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